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Employment opportunity

Elsburys are on the lookout for a Trainee to join the team!

Trainee Accountant

Elsburys is a local focussed accounting practice priding itself in high quality accounting services for small to medium entities. We don’t dabble in audit but our services range from payroll to company accounts to exit advisory and everything in-between.

We’re an experienced Practice with plenty of senior staff with skills ranging from within and outside of practice. We find this lends itself to being a great training ground for those looking to get into accountancy or for those looking to take the next step in the business world.

With some recent and projected growth we’re looking for the next generation to begin their accounting journey with us. As a trainee accountant you will be exposed to a wealth of business experience with our clients and importantly helping them on their journey with the administrative tasks you will be completing.

The ideal candidate should have demonstrated the application of their talent and enthusiasm in some form of academic setting – exam results work, but so do academic endorsements (we’re not all exam people). Word of warning, the accounting qualification is all exam based so that needs to be taken into account when considering the role. We are interested to learn what other work experience and interests you have on your CV but what we really care about is the all important covering letter! This is the first impression we will have of you – we will accept traditional letters, video style intro video or even a voicenote with podcast undertones – Just make sure it’s laced with the timeless qualities of a covering letter!

To begin with the role will be the standard induction to work – Understanding the software stack we use to provide our services, (as I type we’re WindowsOS, Office 365, Iris Accountancy Suite, Xero, BrightPay, Bright Manager, Dext). Initial responsibilities will be routine bookkeeping, payroll and basic accounts. To start with your work will be reviewed by senior staff before going out to clients, but as your confidence grows so will your direct interaction with clients. During the first year we will have formal reviews quarterly but feedback will be as you go. After the first coupe of months, to make sure the job is for you, we will setup the study program working towards becoming a qualified accountant or bookkeeper. Although your work won’t be going out directly to clients, we are very keen to develop social and professional interactions with clients which generally starts with answering the phone, replying to emails, greeting clients in person for meetings, collecting records from clients etc. Again, we will support all of this, it doesn’t have to come naturally!
We’re an office based business – (some might say Dinosaurs) but we strongly believe the culture and environment we create outside of our individual homes is what makes us great and happy and why staff retention is high. Our office is a fun place to be – just ask any of our team.

– £18 to £23k depending on initial assessment of needs. Regular reviews, not just annual.
– WPA health cash plan. Dental check ups and various other health necessities covered.
– Study package, preference is ACCA. If apprenticeship route day release to attend college during the work week. All costs covered by government and us.

Office Vibe
– 9am-5pm. If you want some extra time at lunch get in earlier.
– Good variety of clients and work. Plenty of sectors and different types of work.
– 3 qualified accountants actively leading the business on hand for training and career guidance.
– Lunchtime running (shower in office), quarterly social events, kitchen to cater for a good lunch to keep that brain whirring in the afternoon.
– Lidl a 5 minute walk away to keep the personal overheads down.
– Office in a calm location for maximum focus and productivity and surrounded by beautiful outdoor space to recharge.

Elsburys Team

Rob Lamey

Rob Lamey

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